Why does the Iranian regime execute revolutionary citizens without second thought?

Execution in Iran

Execution and killing of people are the symbols of this regime. During the 1979 revolution, also known as the mass suicide of the Iranian nation, Ayatollah Khomeini, the first supreme leader of the Iranian demonic regime, temporarily settled in a school in Tehran called Refah School when he initially arrived from France. His first decision was to order the officials of the previous regime to be shot on the roof of the same welfare school. Imagine. A person who calls himself Ayatollah, in the sense of a sign from God, sits under the roof, and from night to morning, on the top of the same room where he sits, innocent people are executed without a trial and knowledge of the crime they committed.

Look at the old newspaper picture, I doubt you’ll believe it. In the early years of taking over Iran, this regime arrested young people just for participating in street protests, executed them the same night without trial or even asking their names, and published their photos in the newspapers the following day so that their families would be identified. I'm sure you still don't believe it, but this regime took money from families who came to get their children's bodies for the bullets they used to execute their children and then handed over their bodies.


I was one of those arrested and sentenced to death due to student activities. My trial lasted only three minutes. Without hesitation, the  judge sentenced me to death. I told the judge I was innocent and the death penalty was not fair. I asked, “why are you doing this to me?” The judge replied, “I know you are innocent, but if we don't execute you, the supporters of the Islamic Republic will be discouraged. By executing you, we will make them happy and strengthen their will to support the regime.” I was lucky. Due to international pressure, my death sentence was reduced to fifteen years in prison. After a decade of imprisonment, I could escape and save my life. But not everyone get this chance.

The regime executes for three reasons: The first is to scare people and revolutionaries. The second is for encouraging the supporters of the regime. And lastly, belief in execution for preservation of Islam. Listen to this speech by Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic. He says clearly: “Islam promoted Islam in all ages with blood, sword, and weapons.”