The Tragic Loss of Dr. Benjamin Harouni: A Call for Unity and Inclusivity

Dr. Benjamin Harouni

Dr. Benjamin Harouni, a respected dentist of Persian-Jewish descent, tragically lost his life in a senseless act of violence at his dental practice in San Diego, California, on the 29th of February, 2024. The perpetrator, Mohammed Abdulkareem, took the life of Dr. Harouni, leaving behind shock and grief in the community. Dr. Harouni's journey to becoming a dentist was marked by dedication and academic achievement; he first obtained his bachelor's degrees in Natural Science and Political Science from the University of Southern California before advancing to earn his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the prestigious Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco. His commitment to education and service shone through his career as a compassionate healthcare provider, making his untimely passing devastating for those who knew him.

Dr. Harouni's commitment to dentistry was relentless, never wavering in his dedication. He found joy in providing authentic and top-notch dental care to everyone under his care. Dr. Harouni cherished establishing connections with his patients, stressing the importance of educating them about preserving suitable oral hygiene as a fundamental component of excellent treatment. Moreover, he welcomed and celebrated diversity among his patient base without bias or discrimination.

Some argue for the importance of avoiding quick judgments. Regardless, Dr. Harouni was targeted by an Islamist attacker linked to the radical beliefs that fueled past atrocities such as the October 7th assaults. These violent incidents are indicative of a significant danger posed by extremists advocating jihad, which poses a substantial risk to society at large. Moreover, these acts have also manifested in instances of anti-Semitic violence, resulting in heartbreaking casualties.

Our heartfelt sympathies are extended to the Persian and Jewish communities who are deeply affected by this heartbreaking tragedy. Every one of us must come together in solidarity to combat anti-Jewish sentiments promptly; postponing our actions until tomorrow might prove to be too late. Let us stand together, unwaveringly committed to eradicating hatred towards the Jewish community and advocating for unity and inclusivity in our society.