The Honorable Donald TrumpPresident-Elect of the United States of America Dear Mr. President-Elect, We would like to congratulate you on your victory in the Presidential election of the United States of America.
Recently, Abbas Fakhravar, one of the exposed agents of Iran’s Intelligence Ministry, published on his YouTube account an incomplete, manipulated audio file with incorrect English translation, under the title of “Ahmad Batebi’s secret conversation with the Deputy Intelligence Minister,” claiming that I have connections with the Islamic Republic of Iran.In order to elucidate the matter for public opinion, here I will explain the true story behind that audio file, when and how it was recorded. I herein present all the relevant documents, as well as the full, uncensored audio file. How the audio file was recorded and publishedFirst of all, let me state that the audio file is genuine and the voice in it belongs to me.The audio file is one of the documents that I presented to Iranian and United States media in 2008 as an example of the pressure exerted on political activists by the Iranian intelligence apparatus.In 2008, after I fled Iran and took refuge with the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (DPK) in Iraq’s soil, my special interrogator at Iran’s Intelligence Ministry found my telephone number, in a way which is unknown to me, and contacted me. The said interrogator was constantly monitoring me during my…




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